Landru is an audiovisual concept developed by Patxi Hernández (Madrid, Spain 1974) based on computers & synthesizers and all kinds of electronic instruments as the main source for obtaining sounds and ambience textures capable of creating new sonic dimensions and atmospheric landscapes. From an ambient perspective, field recordings and organic/ritual instruments such as singing bowls and experimental instruments are also key elements in his compositions.

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Vacuum, the latest Landru’s release, composed during the COVID 19 pandemic crisis, consists of a single experimental track featuring hypnotic and evolving synthesized pads surrounded by processed ambient and field recordings that serve as a base for an organic approach that enlarges this new ambient landscape created by Landru. All the production, design, printing and packaging are handcrafted by Landru.
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  • "Unda" the new album by Landru is already available through our Bandcamp site.

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Please refer to our bandcamp site where you may find our works both in physical format (CDs, CDRs, Digipack, Digifiles) and in High Resolution Lossless Audio Files: