Electronic Ambient Dimension

Ambient Artists
- Steve Roach. One of the greatest ambient music artists. www.steveroach.com
Robert Rich. The lord of ambient music. www.robertrich.com
- Ran Kirlian. Ambient music in the purest sense . www.rankirlian.es
- Bruno Sanfilippo. Ambient music with a delicate touch. www.bruno-sanfilippo.com
- Max Corbacho.
Ambient music from one of the main spanish composers. www.maxcorbacho.com
- Alio Die. Ambient music made in Italy. www.aliodie.com
Ambient Labels
- Altera Orbe. The ultimate ambient label owned by Ran Kirlian & Landru. www.alteraorbe.es
Other Artists
- Pet Shop Boys. The best electropop from the smartest Bristish Duo. www.petshopboys.co.uk
Faithless. Melodic dance music. www.faithless.co.uk
The Future Sound of London. The masters of the new ambient trend. www.futuresoundoflondon.com
Kraftwerk. Probably the key pioneers of the electronic music. www.kraftwerk.com
Nacho Sotomayor. Chillout music made in Spain. www.nachosotomayor.com
Pastora. Pop and electropop music. www.pastora.org
Fangoria. Electropop music. www.fangoria.ws
Aviador Dro. Pioneers of the technopop scene in Spain. www.aviadordro.com
Daniel Muñoz. Pop and electronic music. www.danielmunoz.es
Antonio Tobajas. New Age and Chillout Music. www.antoniotobajas.es
- Anmak. Electronic music with soul. www.anmakmusic.com
- Dave. Chillout music. www.myspace.com/dave75
- PS Girl. Electro-experimental music . www.psgirl-music.com
- FJMartin. Dance and Chillout music from the Canary Islands. www.hispasonicos.com/fjmartin
Modular Synthesis Resources
- Post Modular. UK based shop, specialized in modular synthesizers. www.postmodular.co.uk
- Modular Square. French shop, specialized in modular synthesizers. www.modularsquare.com
- Schneidersbuero. German shop, dedicated to analog and modular synthesis. www.schneidersbuero.de
- Muffwiggler. Forum based on modular synthesis in different formats. www.muffwiggler.com
- Thomann. Doepfer modules and many other instruments at a great price. www.thomann.de
- Mega Modular Planner. The modular designer tool. http://mega.modularplanner.co.uk
- Lepysma. Blog about DIY synths and noise machines. http://lepysma.blogspot.com
Vintage Synth Explorer. The online bible about synths and electronic instruments. www.vintagesynth.com
Synthmania. Information about synths and other electronic instruments. www.synthmania.com
Hispasonic. Music and musicians in Spain. www.hispasonic.com
- Gearslutz. Interesting site about instruments, studio degin and music.. www.gearslutz.com
- Matrixsynth. One of the best synth sites in the web. http://matrixsynth.blogspot.com
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